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For more than 20 years, AdamsTech and SDS have been manufacturing and servicing automated metal bending machines. The inventors and original patent holders of this type of technology with more than a dozen patents to our names since our founding in 1996. AdamsTech has regularly challenged the status quo. Not content to simply develop and market “me too” products, we have identified and invented real solutions that have revolutionized the industries we serve.

The ChannelBender series, our line of automated channel letter benders, is the fastest, most reliable, and most precise technology available. LetterBox® and LetterForm®, our proprietary return materials, have literally changed the face of sign making. Eliminating the need for conventional plastic and aluminum trim cap, these return materials allow sign makers to fabricate Trimless® Channel Letters quickly and efficiently.

AdamsTech has the very best service and support infrastructure in this industry with regional service offices in New Jersey, Missouri, Washington and California, covering every time zone.

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Adams Technologies, Inc.
6235 Lookout Road, Suite A
Boulder, CO 80301-3335

Phone: (303) 798-7110
Fax: (303) 347-1038
Toll-Free: (888) 737-2363



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Adams Technologies, Inc.
Boulder, Colorado USA
(303) 798-7110