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The Super ChannelBender XP is built on our flagship Super ChannelBender (platform), adding “hydraulic” punching to the long list of features (listed below) that make the Super ChannelBender SUPER. The purpose of adding an inline punching function is to eliminate the need to come back after the return has been bent, to manually add holes for weeping moisture or affixing screws. This not only saves time, but significantly increases accuracy and efficiency to the process of channel letter fabrication.

Other features of the Super XP include:

  • Flanged or reverse channel letters from 1-8″ deep
  • Processes .026″ to .063″ Aluminum
  • Brass, bronze & stainless (depending on thickness)
  • Processes our Trimless® LetterBox® and LetterForm® return materials
  • Patented broaching of all listed materials, resulting in sharp, very precise angled bends which allows forming of intricate shapes, including ¼” serifs, previously thought impossible


Specifications Super ChannelBender XP
Power System
Oil Pump
220VAC, 15A, 50/60Hz, 1P
220VAC, 6.4/3.7A (maximum/typical)
(W x D x H)
Coil Cassette
Profile Table
93″ × 43.5″ × 59″
30″ × 30″ × 57″
78.75″ × 15.75″ × 46.5″
Features Lateral routing of angles
Maximum flange thickness
V-cut (relief notch)
Flange depth (straight)
Cut-off tool for batch processing
Hydraulic punching
Adjustable depth (V-type)
Up to .063″ (1.6 mm)
35°, 60°, 100°, 130° on flange
1/4″ Weep holes & 1/8″ screw holes
Bending Maximum angle
Smallest radius that can be bent a full 180°
Shortest distance from end to a sharp bend
Shortest distance from start to a sharp bend
120° (coil), 100° (LetterBox)
.2″ (5 mm) radius (coil), .6″ (15 mm) radius (LetterBox)
1.57″ (40 mm)
.2632″ (6 mm)
Coil Material Outside diameter
26″ only
.026″ – .063″ (.66 mm – 1.6 mm)
1″ – 8″ (25 mm – 203.8 mm)
LetterBox Thickness
1.2 mm (approximately .050″)
60 mm and 100 mm
3 m (approx. 10′) strip or 27 m (approx. 96′) coil
LetterForm Thickness
1 mm (approximately .040″)
60 mm and 100 mm
30 m (approx. 100′) coil
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