Super ChannelBender – LetterForm Fabrication

Other automated channel letter bending systems cannot bend channel letters as quickly or precisely as the Super ChannelBender. This video demonstrates inline broaching, bending and trimming of a LetterForm® channel letter.

Customer Interview

A 2013 interview with Phil Lucero, from Adcon Signs of Fort Collins, CO, following his introduction to the Super ChannelBender.

Super ChannelBender vs. Nearest Competitor: Bend Accuracy Comparison

Super ChannelBender processes returns with amazing precision, further reducing the amount of time necessary to hand-finish the letter.

Bending The Impossible

No other automated channel letter bending system can bend such intricate letters and shapes! In only 8 minutes, leaving only 8 angles open, Super ChannelBender processes an extremely complex East Asian character.

Our Partner – SDS

Whether you are new to sign making or a seasoned pro, AdamsTech/SDS have machines designed to meet your needs. From traditional channel letters, in virtually any size, to beautiful, clean, Trimless® channel letters made with state-of-the-art LetterBox® or LetterForm® return materials


Broaching is a mechanical process that cuts a groove across the inside of the return in order to faciliate sharp, accurate bends.

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