Maestro 2513

Maestro 2513
Maestro router
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The Maestro 2513 is a router designed specifically for the needs of the channel letter fabricating industry. Engineered with the highest quality, accuracy and the ability to perform a wide range of tasks, the Maestro 2513 surpasses the expectations of sign makers around the world.

The automatic tool changer with up to 12 positions allows the operator to switch to different cutting tools in a matter of seconds. The machine uses the most advanced technology available, including: A helicoidal rack-pinion system on X and Y axes and a ball screw system on the Z axis for maximum routing precision. The state-of-the-art Graphic User Interface on the Maestro 2513 incorporates new features that make production easier and faster than ever before.

Options like a Cold Air Gun for aluminum milling, or tangential cutting head for knife cutting and Liquid Cooled Spindles are just a few of the features available that gives the Maestro 2513 its superior competitive edge.

Maestro Specifications
Router Head Standard
32,000 RPM – 7.5kW – Air Cooled
40,000 RPM – 3.5kW – Liquid Cooled
Auto Tool Changer 6 Positions
Axis Speed 50 MT/MIN
Sensors Tool Length Pre-setting
Options Air Gun
Vacuum Extraction
Tangential Cutting Knife
Locating Pins
Liquid Cooled Spindle
Up to 12 Position Tool Changer
Motors Brushless
Weight 1250 KG 2755.778 LBS
Data Input .CF2, .DXF, .DWG
Size 1300 x 2500 MM
2050 x 3050 MM
2500 x 3700 MM
4′ x 8′ approx.
6′ x 10′ approx.
8′ x 12′ approx.

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