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Trimless® FAQ

We began developing our line of Trimless channel letter solutions after being approached by several customers who were interested in solving common problems with trim cap. Problems like fading, cracking, peeling, matching colors and of course, higher labor costs.

To facilitate a better understanding of our Trimless channel letter solutions, here are answers to some of the more frequently asked questions we receive.

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What exactly is a trimless channel letter?

Why would you want to produce Trimless channel letters?

Do I have to have one of your machines to produce trimless channel letters?

What is LetterBox®?

What is LetterForm®?

Can I use LetterBox and LetterForm on an Accu-Bend or other brands of benders?

When would I want to use LetterForm over LetterBox or vice versa?

What is LiquiLetter?

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